Chad got in touch with nanopage looking to make-over the digital footprint of CNTRL Production. He wanted a fresh and experience-centric approach that reflected the industry it represents, that required little to no upkeep and could reliably convert visitors.

Our Approach

In addition to providing new logo concepts to establish the brand redesign, we recommended a single nanopage (Remember: No Fluff. Simplicity is Enough). We wanted their industry related imagery to take centre-stage, providing a striking contrast to the informative text areas, bringing the page to life and building very simple but obvious brand credibility.

With CNTRL Production being in a very visual industry, our approach to text in this case was minimalist - So we decided to reduce it down to the main talking points:

  1. Who is CNTRL?
  2. What do CNTRL do?
  3. Why choose CNTRL?
  4. How do I get in touch with CNTRL?

Each of these talking points represent the logical progression of someone looking for the services offered by CNTRL. We decided to design the nanopage in such a way that we walk visitors along the path using a logical layout as well as being entertaining (as it should be).

The Result

To facilitate the logical progression while also addressing potential digressions in thought patterns, we included secondary level call-to-actions alongside the primary level call-to-action to convert visitors.

Here's what we did:

Grabbing Attention

First, we wanted to grab the visitor's attention.

So we included a bold header with an industry-related imagery slider, making it very obvious to the visitor exactly what CNTRL does.

Included in the header are both primary and secondary level CTAs, allowing visitors to either bypass content and go straight to contacting CNTRL, or go straight to the start of our logical path.

By clicking on "See what we do", visitors are answering a lingering question should they still not know what CNTRL specializes in - Sliding the page down to the outcome-based list of services.

Who is CNTRL?

The first bit of text seen below the header is an elevator pitch for CNTRL, immediately establishing who CNTRL are and the part they play in their industry.

What does CNTRL do?

Directly beneath the elevator pitch is an outcome-based list of services, answering the logical question: "Okay, I know who you are, but what do you do?".

To further contextualize CNTRL's services for the visitor, we included a list of event types that CNTRL specializes in, solidifying CNTRL's place in the mind of the visitor while controlling the narrative.

We also included a 'Who we are' section, to further explain exactly what CNTRL's specialties are should the visitor require further clarification.

Why choose CNTRL?

The question of credibility needs to be addressed throughout to ensure at least a viable level of interest was maintained while moving from section to section.

We did this primarily by using emotive imagery (especially because the services are highly portfolio dependent), linked to an ACTIVE external Instagram account to show constant updates about projects, and finally a few pre-approved associate partner logos for further credibility.

How do I get in touch with CNTRL?

Throughout the visitor journey, we wanted to make the process of getting in touch as easy as possible to reduce any barriers to visitor conversion.

We did this by strategically placing call-to-actions at various points on the nanopage, while avoiding over-saturation which would be an annoyance for the visitor.

The CTAs slide the nanopage to the bottom contact section, where we've included an email link that opens the visitor's email application and pre-populates the recipient field with the CNTRL email address.

We've also included a call link, which when clicked on will generate a call from the visitor's device - Again reducing the barriers to conversion. Finally, we've included an alternate method of contacting by including a contact form that can be populated and submitted, sending an email to the CNTRL Production Team.

The final result is a striking yet effective nanopage, focused on reliably and predictably converting visitors to paying customers. Chad was kind enough to leave this review for us:

Having worked with Shaun numerous times over the past years', I can unequivocally state that his work ethic, quality and attention to detail is second to none. His passion and ambition is what, in my opinion sets him apart from anyone else in his field, and I'd never for a second hesitate in recommending him to anyone!

Visit cntrlproduction.com to see the result for yourself! To discuss your own requirements, get your free website audit.


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