iConnect is a video-based learning and development platform. They’re the leaders in teacher education and GP accreditations, and similar projects requiring high-security video training and quality assurance solutions.

Their goal was to increase the number of qualified inbound leads they receive through their existing website.

Our Approach

Fortunately, iConnect already had a good website with great resources for its visitors. They even created downloadable PDF guides, which they exchange for a visitor’s email address. What we call a lead magnet.

However, attracting visitors to their website proved challenging. This is where we were able to help, our strategy was to increase traffic to the website overall and improve the conversion rates of their lead magnets.

We had 3 specific goals for this strategy:

  1. Increase traffic short term – Google Ads
  2. Improve conversion rates – A/B split testing
  3. Permanently increase traffic long-term – Search engine optimization

By addressing short and long-term traffic, while simultaneously optimizing lead magnets and call-to-actions, we were able to increase their lead generation by 245% (and growing).


The Result

As I mentioned, iConnect’s requirement was that they needed to increase the number of qualified leads they receive through their website.

Here’s how we did it.

Goal #1 – Increase traffic short-term

We wanted to increase traffic short-term for 2 reasons:

  1. To provide iConnect with some short-term wins
  2. To test lead magnets and call-to-actions (see step 2)

To achieve this, we had the choice of running ads on social media (like LinkedIn) or Google Ads which target specific search queries like “training sales teams”.

We didn’t want to do both, because each had very different user journeys which required extensive testing to optimize for conversions. We wanted to see some success with one strategy before splitting our attention.

We settled on Google Ads because the journey for users would be more similar to our strategy for long-term growth, which also included visitors finding iConnect’s website as a result of a Google search query. Making the optimizations we were doing a worthwhile long-term strategy.

Goal #2 – Improve conversion rates

iConnect had already established a lead magnet strategy, so all we needed to do was optimize what was already there.

We did this by:

  1. Ensuring content is of the highest quality to develop enough credibility so visitors feel comfortable downloading a resource
  2. Improving the logical flow of content so the call-to-action makes more sense to click (we gave visitors enough reason through informational content)
  3. Placing CTAs more prominently at various points on the page
  4. Include BOTH low and high commitment call-to-actions to automatically segment warm and hot leads (download a guide or request a demo)
  5. Switching out lead magnets to test demand and ultimately increasing conversions

Following this systematic process, iConnect managed to significantly increase the amount of new sales opportunities they were able to generate.

Something else we did was include customer testimonials and case studies more strategically throughout the website, providing some much-needed credibility.

Goal #3 – Increase traffic long-term

As previously mentioned, iConnect already had a good library of content on its blog. These blog posts proved extremely valuable for email content and to point existing leads and customers to informative articles.

However, these articles weren’t written with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. They were covering very important and relevant topics for their market but weren’t receiving much traffic from Google for the necessary keywords.

We solved this by rewriting their top-performing articles and ensuring:

  1. The search intent of the article was made more clear
  2. Answering the questions that iConnect’s desired customers are most likely to ask
  3. Technical SEO was correctly set up (redirects, categorization, etc)

We also optimized the user experience by:

  1. Improving page speed
  2. Improving page layout
  3. Improving site structure
  4. Improving visitor flow throughout the website

User experience is a Google Ranking Factor, so increasing visitor engagement for iConnect was important.

By increasing user engagement, we’re showing Google that our visitors enjoy their experience on the website and that Google should send more.

iConnect’s inbound leads strategy continues to sustainably grow, without needing to employ additional staff members.

The company is seeing far better conversion rates than even their best outbound mailing campaign was able to achieve, with far less time and resource commitment from themselves.

The final result is a lead-generating machine that runs on autopilot, and if they keep fueling it, it’ll keep growing.

Visit iconnect-online.com to see the result for yourself! To discuss your own requirements, get your free website audit.


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