Strictly Fighters is a B2C media company using search engine optimization (SEO) to attract visitors and monetize with on-page ads, affiliate referral commissions, digital product sales, and coaching services.

The goal of this site is to create a more passive revenue stream, not reliant on managing customer relations.

Our Approach

With Strictly Fighters, we had 3 main goals:

  1. Build an evergreen source of traffic that doesn't require continuous investment (like ads)
  2. Turn as many visitors into email subscribers as possible
  3. Sell stuff to subscribers

We also wanted to keep staff numbers low without compromising on the quality of our content, and inevitably our growth.

By reducing our focus to only 3 specific tasks, we're able to simplify, optimize, and to an extent automate both audience growth, as well as revenue generation through consistent testing.

Here's how we managed to grow Strictly Fighters to over 10k visitors per month in 12 months, generating hundreds of email subscribers, and ultimately creating an almost infinitely scalable source of revenue with limited resources.

The Result

By employing a niche site blogging strategy, we were able to achieve all 3 of our goals without compromising on quality, while also keeping our overheads to a minimum.

Goal #1 - Attract visitors

To attract a permanent and ever-growing source of visitors, we started writing informational blog posts for specific queries people had around martial arts (Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, MMA, and more).

Visitors find our website when they search for something specific, usually evergreen topics like "the difference between boxing and karate?".

When someone searches this term in Google, our blog article comes up on the first page of the search results.

Visitors click on our article and move into our website, where we move to goal #2.

By optimizing article titles through split-testing, we maximize the number of visitors we get.

Goal #2 - Turn visitors into subscribers

We did this by offering visitors a valuable resource, something they'd be willing to exchange their email addresses for.

We call this a lead magnet.

However, we needed to distinguish between people who simply read about martial arts and those who train martial arts.

This distinction was important because the products Strictly Fighters sell are for athletes, so casual martial arts readers needed to somehow be filtered out.

We did this by being super specific with the type of lead magnet we were offering visitors, we settled on a video course for a commonly used Jiu-Jitsu position that many often struggle to understand.

Something only someone who trains would be interested in.

This lead magnet is currently converting at over 30%, adding hundreds of new subscribers (leads) to the mailing list each month.

The great thing is, these leads are all qualified and ready to receive offers.

Goal #3 - Sell stuff to subscribers

We've found that building email lists of loyal subscribers is the best way to effectively grow a customer base.

Even better than social media, because with email you own your customer data and you reach more people with every broadcast.

Also, you're not reliant on everchanging algorithms which dictate the success of your business.

Strictly Fighters chose not to schedule loads of image-heavy, pre-written email sequences (which is more common in B2B settings).

Instead, we've adopted a minimalist, text-based approach which uses bespoke, copywritten emails to tell stories and provide blog updates that resonate with subscribers.

Like this:

Each broadcast email is written just before it's sent, they're kept current so we never have to worry about broken links in old email sequences or irrelevant information (especially if we mention a recent UFC fight).

Readers also appreciate the authenticity.

They know that this email must have just been written, and that feels different - more personal.

By doing this we win the loyalty of our readers, so when we send them affiliate (paid) links to recommended products or our own, they're more likely to convert.

As you'd expect, some offers work better than others.

But when we find a winner, we see conversion rates of up to 15%.

BONUS Goal #4 - Increasing revenue

As you might've realized, Strictly Fighters only generates revenue on people who train martial arts via email outreach.

So we needed to find a way of generating revenue before the subscriber phase, while visitors are still reading content.

We did this in 2 ways:

  1. Affiliate links on relevant blog posts earn revenue when people purchase a product through them. For example, if we're writing about "the best boxing gloves", we'll include links to the gloves we recommend.
  2. Ads that appear on all articles earn revenue when visitors read them, requiring no action at all and we still make money.

These methods of monetization allow Strictly Fighters to maximize revenue at every possible level of interaction.

The final result is a great resource for martial artists, fittingly called The Fight Bible. The virtually infinite source of visitors through SEO and scalable commercial model allows Strictly Fighters to grow with very little overhead cost apart from outsourced services.

Visit strictlyfighters.com to see the result for yourself!

To discuss your own requirements, get your free website audit.


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